Therapy session € 70
Individual Yoga € 50 per hour excl. 21% BTW (€ 60,50 per uur incl. BTW)

Sessions outside office hours also possible, with a 25% higher rate appliccable.

Yoga on location
Office hours (mo-fri 9-17 hrs):
12 Euro p.p.p.h. excl. 21% BTW, minimum tarif € 72 excl. 21% BTW
(€ 14,52 p.p.p.h. incl. BTW, minimum tarief € 87,12 incl. BTW)

Outside office hours:
15 Euro p.p.p.h. excl. 21% BTW, minimum tarif € 96 excl. 21% BTW
(€ 18,15 p.p.p.u. incl. BTW, minimum tarief € 108,90 incl. BTW)

Rental materials on location
yogamat        € 1 excl. 21% BTW (€ 1,21 incl. BTW)
2 blankets     € 1 excl. 21% BTW (€ 1,21 incl. BTW)
bolster pillow € 1 excl. 21% BTW (€ 1,21 incl. BTW)
3 blocks       € 1 excl. 21% BTW (€ 1,21 incl. BTW)

For people or organisations with small wallets, discount is possible. 

Payment Please pay within 5 working days after your reservation. Payment in cash or transfer to the accountnumber IBAN NL76 RABO 0358512433 in the name of Julia Meijer in Bergen. 

Fysical/psychological complaints Please indicate before starting the yoga lesson (potentially via email or phone) if you have any fysical of psychological complaints. This way I can reckon with this in the teachings. When in doubt, please take advice by your doctor. Respect your own borders and don't force yourself. The teacher is not liable for any injury incurred in the lessons.

Clothing and materials Please wear loose fitting or flexible, breathing clothes, that don't destract. Yoga is done on bare feet. Therefor please enter the yoga space without shoes. Bring socks for during meditation and relaxation exercises. 

Own Risk Attending the activities of Julysis Sattva is at the risk of the participants. Julysis Sattva can in no way be held liable for any injury, damage and/or theft. 

Catching up class/pupil absence No refunds for missed classes and/or appointments.