anusara yoga bergenMy name is Julia Meijer (1979). For me, spirituality, psychology, yoga, dance and sport is the way to get more in contact with myself and to feel real and alive. 

I work primarily intuïtively, from a multitude of different methods and viewpoints: a.o. Biodanza, Butoh Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Anusara yoga, Sportpsychologie, Haptonomy (body centered therapy), Voice Dialogue, Inner Child & Circling.

My schooling a.o. is: BBA, Cognitive Psychology (cum laude), Haptonomie (body centered therapy), Anusara teacher training 1. I also did Martin Kirk's training in Anatomy and Therapeutic yoga. I did a private Voice Dialogue training with JP Beyond and coaching from the heart yeartraining at de Gewijde Reis. Inner Child work I learned myself...... The deepest wisdom is inside ourself, it's just a matter of getting back in contact with it! I am very connected with my inner wisdom. 

I am looking forward to meeting people who want to move with me!