yoga therapist bergenYoga is meant to unite and connect body, mind, spirit and soul. This can be reached by doing asana’s (body positions).

Originally, asana's were meant to build fysical and mental power, to sit comfortably and quietly for longer time in meditation. Meditating literally means to come to your own center, and this is exactly what you want to learn, on the path to health. There you find the power and wisdom to become who you really are.

We use pranayama (breathwork) to make contact with our feelings, and to come to the now. This is not about dominating or forcing the breath, but about being in contact with it.By being aware and giving space to what is there.

Yoga gives you the feeling of balance and harmony. You feel calm, more focussed and the inner chatter stills. Fysical complaints can deminish or even disappear.

Yoga for me?

Yoga is available for everyone who wants to feel better fysically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You don't have to be flexible or strong. Yoga helps you to become stronger or more supple. 

By using the right body alignment, you can help your fysique in her natural recovery. Both fysically and emotionally, you can become more aware and in contact with blokkades, and release them. 

Individual Yoga

private yoga bergen

Individual yoga gives you more personal attention, and therefor deepens and strenghtens the therapeutical working. 

Individuele yoga is tuned into your specific needs and wishes. It focusses on your personal development. It can be directed to body, spirit, heart or soul. 

This way I can help you to become more fit and we can work on specific fysical problems or injuries. Or to bring the thinking (ego) to a lower level and to feel better. We can ask our body to heal itself. You can contact your feelings, which will lead you to wholeness and enhance your natural healing power. 



"I've done yoga before in group lessons, and I am inclined to give my very best, so I quickly passed my own borders. I found that these big group lessons didn't give me the result that I needed. By the individual yoga lesson by Julia, I encountered a totally new experience! Yoga, the attention and peace that Julia gives as a basis, worked through deeply and very relaxing. This opened a new pathway for me, to also practice yoga at home and bring yoga into my life." Miriam de Vries

"I traveled to Bergen for a week, and found Julia's yoga class (with the crystals). The class was very invigorating, and was tremendously relaxing. Julia calmly led the class with professionalism and I felt very comfortable there, even though I was a foreigner. I immediately felt better after the class (my head cold went away), and I stayed relaxed the rest of the week. Everyone in the class was also very nice. Thank you Julia!" Bernard Gehret 

beach yoga

"I see the strength of Julia as a teacher in the way she authentically convoys her lessons, in which she dares to show her own friendly personality and vulnerablity. From this personal approximation, she feeds the content of her teachings: Julia uses her diversity in experiences and insights from different tutors, to make each and every lesson an inspiring experience to the students." Bas Singer 

"For me, yoga is important to get out of my head and into my body, to breathe well and stretch deliciously. In my daily life I can use much of what I learn in yogaclass, even without taking the yoga positions. Julia attunes the exercises to the participants. When I had a frozen shoulder, and could not use my arm for a long time, I could still participate. It is lovely to be focussed for a spacious hour in an athmosphere of attention and trust." Astrid van Os